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The Minor in Business Institutions offered by the Harvey Kapnick Center for Business Institutions is designed to provide Northwestern undergraduates with a rigorous introduction to business and management fundamentals.  The minor is open to all Northwestern undergraduates regardless of major or home school. The minor allows them to build on the set of skills and knowledge they have acquired through other Northwestern coursework to prepare for employment in the business world.  It also allows students to connect their study of business and management fundamentals to broader areas of academic inquiry both by linking the study of principles of business and management to the social science scholarship that these principles are based on and by introducing students to social science and humanities scholarship on the cultural, political, philosophical, literary and social aspects of business institutions. Therefore, the minor is not meant to serve as narrowly conceived pre-professional training.  Instead the minor offers a broad multi-disciplinary perspective on a significant area of inquiry in 21st century society.  

Students without extensive quantitative training are particularly encouraged to apply.  The minor is designed so that such students can acquire the necessary quantitative background by completing four basic prerequisite courses in mathematics, statistics and economics.