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Business Institutions Minor

The minor in Business Institutions meets the needs of Northwestern undergraduate students who want to learn about the world of business and the institutions that make it go.

Minor Requirements

The minor in Business Institutions requires the successful completion with a grade of C- or above of 11 courses: 4 prerequisite courses in mathematics, statistics, and economics; 4 business tools courses; 1 writing and speaking course; and 2 social science and humanities electives.

Students must complete the 4 prerequisite classes (with a minimum grade of C-) before declaring the minor.

Students interested in additional information should consult a program advisor and/or visit the program office, located at 2010 Sheridan Road. To schedule an academic advising appointment, please visit our booking website.

A current list of Social Science & Humanities Electives is located on our website.

Prerequisites (4 courses)

Writing & Speaking in Business (1 course)

Business Tools (4 courses)

Social Science & Humanities Electives (2 courses chosen from the following list):

Additional Notes on Prerequisite Requirements
Additional Notes on Other Requirements

Keep track of your minor progress

Use our Student Planning Form to keep track of your minor progress.